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Translator, Medical Writing - London

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11d ago

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  • The ideal candidate for the Translator, Medical Writing position in London should possess excellent organizational, collaboration, and problem-solving skills, along with strong communication and interpersonal abilities to build and maintain effective relationships. They should have effective time management skills, be comfortable with technology and translation tools, and have experience in project management of translations. A Bachelor's degree in translation or a relevant language degree with a translation background is required.
  • The candidate will be responsible for translating medical studies and transcribing study interviews from French to English, as well as managing translation projects from client request to final delivery.

Graduate Job

Healthcare, Business, Operations & Strategy


Rolling basis


  • The Translator role is a key in-house position within Global Perspectives: your main responsibilities would be translating written texts and transcribing audio material related to patient engagement in healthcare research in English <> French. You may also be involved in finding and/or coordinating translators for different language pairs.
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  • Excellent organizational, collaboration and problem-solving skills.
  • Communication and strong interpersonal skills to establish and maintain effective working relationships with patients, colleagues, and other stakeholders.
  • Effective time management skills and ability to manage competing priorities.
  • Comfortable working with technology and Translations Tools.
  • Experience in Project Management of Translations
  • Bachelor Degree in Translation or relevant language degree with Translation background
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Area of Responsibilities

Business, Operations & Strategy


  • This role will be translating medical studies into local language (French), and transcribing of study interviews with patients directly into English:
  • You will be translating from English into French:
  • Screeners. Screeners are brief questionnaires with which recruiters check if a candidate is eligible or not for a study. These usually contain questions about the person’s condition.
  • Sociodemographic forms. These are short forms with general questions for the participant, like age, sex, ethnographic background, etc.
  • Consent forms. These are the documents participants have to sign before taking part in a study, which normally contain a brief description of the study, and information about the interviews and rights of the participant.
  • Interview guides. These are the documents moderators use in qualitative study interviews, which contain all the questions they have to ask participants, and instructions on how the interview must be conducted.
  • Surveys. These are the quantitative alternative to interview guides. In this case, there’s not moderator as participants will personally answer to the questions either electronically or on paper. The instructions and questions must be very clear for participants here, as there will be no moderator to explain or answer any doubts.
  • We normally work with audio files from interviews in French, and we produce intelligent and verbatim transcription directly into English. These are mainly about the experience of the participant with the study condition.
  • Comprehensive management of translation projects, from the client's request until the final delivery of the project.
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Full time

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Rolling basis