🇬🇧 "The UK’s biggest Employer X Society Meet-Up" 🇬🇧
"The biggest UK Society Summit ever held" 🇬🇧
"The biggest UK Society Summit
ever held" 🇬🇧

Huzzle Launch Summit

February 28th, 2024 from 4pm to 8pm
King’s Bush House, North East Wing
Limited to 350 guests
In collaboration with:

Following our Beta launch Summer 2023, we are ready to introduce Huzzle to the world of Early Careers Professionals... and what better way to do that than by connecting over 300 society presidents & committee members with leading businesses. Join us for our Launch Summit and meet our amazing network!

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Top Speakers

So, who's coming?

350+ Committee Leaders from 50+ UK universities meeting with 40+ Early Careers Professionals from leading Enterprises in the UK

380+ Committee Leaders from UK's best Societies

380+ Chosen Presidents from UKs most professionally run Student Organisations representing more than 50 universities across the country - from Exeter to Edinburgh.

40+ Recruiters from Europe's most innovative Companies

We're inviting early careers professionals from enterprises like Apple, Google, Salesforce, Bain & Company, and Startups & Scaleups like Tera, Revolut, ClimateX, and more.

Who's coming:

60+ Recruiters from Europe's best Companies

Recruiters & Talent Acquisition Managers from companies like Google, Meta, JP Morgan, Bain & Company, etc.
Who's coming:

300+ Student Society Leaders

Presidents from UKs most professionally run Student Organisations.
The Venue

King's Building - Bush House

The Summit will take place at King's College's Bush House. A keynote and panel will start the event. After that, we'll head to the Great Hall in King's Building for Networking, and food & drinks. 🥂🥙🍔

Over 350 Societies are already confirmed! 🎉

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We look forward to meeting you on February, the 28th! Register to Secure your spot Now

Recap: our last Event

We united 50+ young professionals, industry leaders, and 50+ chosen society presidents to foster connections among young leaders

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We look forward to meeting you on February, the 28th.Register to Secure your spot Now

Important: The event is taking place on Feb 28th (not on 22nd)