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93% Club Edinburgh

Promoting access and opportunity for state-educated students at the University of Edinburgh.

University Of Edinburgh


93% of the UK population are state-educated. Yet at the University of Edinburgh, we account for just 65% of the intake. In a country where privately educated individuals are overrepresented in almost every field, the 93% Club Edinburgh aims to break down the divide and ensure that students from disadvantaged educational backgrounds at the University of Edinburgh can have the same positive experience both during and after university. Our aims are: 1) To offer practical and professional advice and opportunities for state school students in applying for graduate schemes, internships, work experience and other activities post-graduation 2) To establish a platform for state-educated students to share experiences, opinions, concerns and useful social and educational resources 3) To build a social community for state-educated students at Edinburgh, including social events and collaborations with privately-educated students to foster inclusivity.
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