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Queen Mary, University Of London (QMUL)


The world today is truly a global village, where everything is linked. These links (in the financial world) are often ties between global markets for which the world has a particular functioning mechanism. To be a part of such a vast and ever-growing industry one must understand its functioning. This is where accounting steps in; it understands, analyses and produces essential financial information.Acknowledging this fact, the Accounting and Advisory Society (AAS) welcomes all those who wish to pursue a future within this mechanism or those who have a passion for learning more. By bridging the gap between the individual and the financial world, the society aims to introduce members to the latter and open new doors of opportunities. We aspire to create a platform for the members to expand their network, increase their knowledge and focus on their analytical skills to interpret financial data.Our Aims;1. Introduce members to the working dynamics of the financial world and its players to create a community of like-minded individuals who can contribute to each other’s experiences.2. Facilitate the growth of the members in terms of developing and enhancing their skills through information dissemination to create a pathway for themselves based on their engagement and interaction within the social network and events.3. Enable members to think independently and use their analytical skills to pave their own career path to be the leaders of tomorrow and shape the future of the constantly changing and ever-expanding world of global economies.Our Objectives;1. Make members aware of the opportunities available to them in fields such as accounting, advisory, tax, assurance, legal and risk management (among others). This would also include informing people of the different roles that accounting and other firms have to offer.2. To liaison with accounting firms and thereafter organise and co-host events with recruiters and associates from these firms throughout the year. These sessions would not only be insightful but also help members create a network to further engage with these opportunities and the information to their benefit.3. Enable members to prepare themselves for various assessments and interviews. This would be done by hosting training sessions (along with recruiters). We even plan to set up a system for members to go through a mock assessment/interview to better prepare them.