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The Advertising, Marketing, and PR society is your go-to place for everything and anything advertising, marketing and PR related. So whether you’re studying advertising, marketing and/or public relations, have an interest in this area or are looking for fresh talent - the Advertising, Marketing and PR society is here to help you learn, succeed and have fun. What are our aims? As well as being a place to have fun and engage with others, our society is here to help support your learning, offer new skills and build confidence. Over time, we also aim to connect with the Accelerator program and make it possible for our members to gain internships in relevant fields. Who can join us? Everyone! All we ask is that you at least have a genuine interest in advertising, marketing and/or Public Relations - whether as part of your course or a side hustle. So whether you’re studying Journalism, Creative Writing or are a recent graduate wanting to start your own business - we’re here for you. Why join us? As well as being an interactive and engaging way to support your learning, the Advertising, Marketing and PR society is the place to have fun whilst doing exactly that - and lots of it! Therefore, by deciding to join us, you can expect: Events: we’ll be hosting events designed to test your knowledge and get you thinking about what takes to run a successful advertising/marketing/public relations campaign. Guest Speakers: We also intend to invite guest speakers to give our members greater insight into working in these professions and how to get your career started. Field trips: We’ll also be organising field trips, chosen by our members, for even greater insight. Internships: Plus, we also aim to get our members internships with participants of the Accelerator program, here at the London Metropolitan University. Pizza and more: And if nothing else interests you, yes, there will be pizza. But as our society continues to grow, we hope to offer you much much more.
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