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Logo of African Caribbean Society (ACS)

African Caribbean Society (ACS)

City, University Of London


African-Caribbean Society (ACS) is found in most universities within the UK, each bringing their own uniqueness to their society. However, at CULACS we want to bring something different to the table.Why join our society and what are our aims? Not only are we going to celebrate the African Caribbean Society, but also develop awareness of both African and Caribbean cultures. We want to unite the students of City University together through fun activities and also educate individuals on our heritage.Our society is not only open to those of African- Caribbean heritage but those from different ethnicities and backgrounds as well as individuals who would like to learn about the Afro-Caribbean culture. We will also collaborate with neighbouring ACS societies within the University of London, to expand our social network and increase the size of our events as well as reach out to the City of London community.CULACS is a great way to be sociable and make good friends. We provide opportunities within our society to enhance your leadership and organisational skills (which would look amazing on your CV). Joining CULACS would guarantee? FUN, LAUGHS, FRIENDS, SUPPORT, ENTERTAINMENT AND EDUCATIONThis Term we have the honour of being sponsored by KPMG so look out for all the new exciting opportunities that will soon be available!!    For Up To Date information on what our society is up to follow us on:Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/culacs/Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CULACS/Twitter: https://twitter.com/culacsSnapchat: cityuni_acs