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Amnesty International Society

King's College London (KCL)


KCL Amnesty International is one of over a 100 Amnesty student groups in the UK. By joining the society you will become a part of one of the biggest international human rights movement. Amnesty International has always been a leading platform for grassroots activism. Our society aims at rising awareness of human rights and human rights abuses all over the world. Through petition signings, campaigning, peaceful protesting and fundraising, our members work together towards our common goal of helping those individuals who suffer injustice in their own countries. The specific issues we will be dealing with are entirely up to you: all of our members get to decide what the society will be campaigning for. The society also gives its members a unique opportunity to learn more about human rights: through film screenings, talks with human rights activists and student conferences, which bring together not only KCL students, but also members of other London’s and UK’s groups. So, if you want to get more information and effect real change, join our society! KCL Amnesty International holds meetings on regular, weekly bases. 
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