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Amnesty International Society

Queen Mary, University Of London (QMUL)


QM Amnesty International Society is a students’ organization standing up in defense of human rights across the globe. Our aim is to bring attention to world-wide violations through a number of campaigns run by Amnesty International. We hope to mobilise, engage and include Queen Mary students in our shared goal to protect human rights.   Our society will focus on bringing awareness to causes where justice is hindered. We are an inclusive society and invite students from across other societies to participate with us. Interested in debate? There will always be room to improve your speaking and knowledge about international laws with the discussions we put together!  In raising awareness about human rights violations, we are also adamant about putting together speaker events, semester-long campaigns and workshops to teach students the art of effective campaigning, networking and protest. We also fundraise for Amnesty International and support victims of human rights abuses (at home or global) through visits, letters, donations and petitions. Amnesty International Society: Join us during Queen Mary's online freshers fair and take part in deciding a campaign-trail for 2020-2021! Memberships are £5 and are open for purchase! Keep an eye out for our next event on the Grenfell catstrophe (should housing be a human right?) and our monthly human rights bookclub! IMPORTANT: If you have taken your membership but have not been contacted by us, please send us a message on our instagram page and we will add you to our 2020-2021 groupchat on Whatsapp and to our mailing list, ready for your to receive our monthly newsletter!  Introducing the 2020-2021 Committee, Julia Pata & Mathilda Lorkin, Co-Presidents.Ishwarjeet Kaur Singh, Treasurer.Tracy Kingue, Welfare Representative.Hannaa Badat, Secretary.Rebecca Gosav, Social Media Officer.Katherine Dewar, Events Manager.
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