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AMP Network Warwick

Guiding students to discover careers and cultivate personal growth.

University Of Warwick


What sets AMP Network Warwick apart is that we are the only society to fully bridge the gap between STEM, social sciences, and humanities. Our members gain insights into careers within their fields of interest across unexpected industries, opening up new opportunities. Our society's foundation is built on nurturing a meaningful network, boosting confidence, and making valuable contributions to society at large. While subject and career-specific societies help, the demands of studies, work, and personal life often restrict the time available for in-depth exploration of each society's events. This inspired us to create AMP Network Warwick, a society that disseminates weekly career blogs spanning diverse fields and sectors. Beyond this, AMP Network Warwick places significant emphasis on self-development, social responsibility and sustainability. As students, it's easy to become tunnel-visioned, overlooking essential aspects of ourselves and the world around us. AMP Network aims to remedy this, fostering well-rounded individuals. We cannot wait to begin this journey of growth and the opportunity to share it with you!


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