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Hello! Welcome to the Anime & Manga society!If you are a person who enjoys watching anime and/or reading manga, this is the place for you! Even if you are still new to this, you are still welcome to join. Join this society to meet others who share the same interests, we are all a very friendly bunch! You will enjoy making friends and watching anime with us. You will get to partake in daily fun activities however, due to covid we are limited to online activities only.Join us through Discord where we host movie nights and game nights! We stream many types of anime such as episodes and movies from different genres. You can also play games and participate in quizzes! There are always discussions about anime where you can share your opinions on your favourite anime and manga or recommend some options for everyone!We are a community that likes bring people together for a fun and relaxing time, especially during this difficult time. We hope you join us to explore this amazing world of anime and manga!Here is the discord link: https://discord.gg/tzkxyYUQEVEmail: anime.society@city.ac.ukInstagram: @cityanimemanga