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London School Of Economics And Political Science (LSE)


The Applicable Mathematics Society strives to prepare its members with the mathematical knowledge they are going to need in the real world. This ranges from preparing students for internships, jobs, or even graduate school. Primarily, we focus on maths not traditionally taught at the LSE along with holding sessions that teach our members computer programs such as (R, Matlab, Java, etc...). The focus of the club from year to year is largely determined by the make up of the society at that given point in time. We also focus on networking within the mathematical community, as we hold networking events every term for students to meet people who are in the industry which will allow them to realize the skills they need to eventually be successful in it.  Our members are also prepared to compete in maths competitions within and without the university as one of our primary goals is to set up a maths/stats competition this year that is starkly different from the traditional "paper maths competitons". More on this to come in the following meetings.  Our sessions will not be solely run by people in the applicable maths government, rather we strive to have many guest speakers who are already successful in applied maths to give lectures and talks to the students. The main goal with every meeting is to better equip the members with new maths skills and knowledge.  Also, for cultural enrichment, we also will dedicate a few sessions each term to exploring the pure side of mathematics through talks in subjects such as Topology and Geometry.  If you have any inclination to mathematics or want to pursue a career that even remotely involves maths this is the club for you! We are quickly growing and plan to offer you the best combination of knowledge and fun! 
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