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Welcome to the AI in Business Society! This dynamic community fosters an environment where students are encouraged to delve into the fascinating world of Artificial Intelligence and its transformative impact on businesses across a broad range of industries. Through an exciting schedule of speaker sessions, panel discussions, and workshops, members have the unique opportunity to engage with industry experts and thought leaders in the field of AI. These events provide insightful discussions on the latest AI trends, tools, and applications reshaping the business world. Moreover, we work closely with a variety of organisations and businesses and aim to provide exclusive internship opportunities for our members, offering invaluable hands-on experience in the AI landscape. Our annual AI-focused career fair also serves as a platform for students to connect with potential employers, discover exciting career paths, and understand what skills are in demand in this rapidly evolving field. Our society is not just about providing learning opportunities; it's about building a community. We host regular networking events, encouraging collaboration and the exchange of ideas among our members. Whether you're an AI novice or an experienced practitioner, our society offers resources and experiences to enhance your understanding and broaden your perspective on the compelling intersection of AI and business. Welcome aboard and let's shape the future together!