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We are the home of UCL's AI and ML community!

University College London (UCL)


We are the first society in the UK to focus on Artificial Intelligence. At the AI Society, we are dedicated to fostering UCL’s vibrant and impassioned AI community. Consisting of a mixture of undergrad and postgrad students, we work on innovative large-scale machine learning competitions, cutting edge journal clubs and UCL’s best student machine learning tutorials. Previously, we’ve hosted events with speakers from Facebook, Google and OpenAI. What do we do for you? Keynote Speeches: we will periodically invite world-leading experts to deliver talks on the hottest topics of the moment. This will keep you updated on the latest trends of the field. Machine Learning Tutorials: These tutorials will be for absolute beginners. No coding literacy nor specific mathematical background is required. We will teach you how to create Intelligence and will make you implement some basic ML algorithms using Python. Nexus Labs: Our research labs allowing students to access and create cutting-edge research. Foundry: A startup incubator for students, by students. ClimateHack.AI: A climate hackathon spanning 25 different universities across the UK, US, and Canada to solve solar forecasting. The Journal Club: Some of our Masters and PhDs will run the Journal Club where members will periodically meet to discuss an article of interest. Socials & Networking: Finally we also have socials where we meet for drinks and have the chance of meeting interesting and like-minded people! 
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Serene Lim

Vice President

Photo of Serene Lim

Serene Lim

Vice President


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