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Logo of ASEAN Society (Association of Southeast Asian Nations)

ASEAN Society (Association of Southeast Asian Nations)

King's College London (KCL)


The KCL Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) Society welcomes all students who are keen on exploring and addressing issues in Southeast Asia. Throughout the year, we will host webinars and talks with career-related insights and opportunities. We will also have talks, forums and workshops to engage the community in both learning about and tackling some of the region’s biggest challenges, which will be accompanied by our SEA of Change podcast.  On top of that, we will host online and offline social events to brighten up your university life which includes our annual Halloween movie event, Christmas events, and wellbeing events. These are times when you can get to know your peers better, learn more about ASEAN countries, and be with a group of people who you can learn more from or feel at home with! If you are interested, you like to make new friends or you want to have a familiar community at university, join us by signing up for our FREE membership and register for the newsletter!
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