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Logo of Association for International Peace and Security (AIPS)

Association for International Peace and Security (AIPS)

London School Of Economics And Political Science (LSE)


The LSESU Association for International Peace and Security is thrilled to announce we are open for new members to join our community of aspiring diplomats and peacebuilders!A bit about AIPS:We are a new society at LSE, founded to promote global peace and foster a deeper understanding of international security among LSE students. Recognising the importance of diplomacy in relationships between individuals, both at the international and interpersonal level, we have decided to create a lasting platform through which our community can deepen their understanding of the realities of conflict, peace and security beyond the classroom.Why become a member?By joining our community, you will have the opportunity to test and enhance your theoretical knowledge through exchanges with experts, visits to sites relevant to the field, conferences, as well as social, academic and career events. You will meet like-minded people that can offer a diversity of exciting perspectives on the most pressing contemporary issues relating to conflict and peace. Our ultimate goal is to empower and form a wider network of peacemakers and peacebuilders committed to becoming positive agents of change in their communities.Check out our Facebook or LinkedIn page for more information about who we are:https://www.facebook.com/LSEAIPShttps://www.linkedin.com/company/lsesu-aipsFeel free to message us, come to one of our events and above all, we would like to see you become a part of our community!LSESU AIPS is proud to be supported by LSE IDEAS, one of the leading foreign policy think tanks worldwide. Be sure to check out their outstanding research as well as their insightful events!
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