Imperial College London (ICL)

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There is more to Astronomy than just fancy pictures and big telescopes. Whether you are an experienced observer or only have a passing interest, Imperial's Astronomical Society, AstroSoc, is the ideal place to meet like-minded people! We are a growing society which organises a wide range of events, from informal "star parties", in which you can make use of our high-end, easy to use telescopes, to regular talks from top astronomers and occasional visits to observatories and museums. Last year Astrosoc hosted several guest lectures from distinguished scientists, and visits to astronomy and space related exhibitions as well as the Royal Observatory in Greenwich! On top of all of this, you'll get a chance to meet people with a common passion, learn more about astronomy and space exploration and of course, have fun. There isn't much to it, become a member of AstroSoc and connect with the stars!