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London School Of Economics And Political Science (LSE)


The Beaver is the official newspaper of the LSE Students' Union. Founded in 1949, we have a long history of substantive news coverage and insightful commentary - but we are also far more than just a newsroom.Our team consists of casual contributors, staff writers, editors, illustrators, podcastors, photographers - and more.Publishing daily online (and sometimes in print), we have a variety of sections to write and produce content for: News - the place to go for LSE or university-related news. Opinion - our section for opinion articles, stimulating debate and offering a diverse range of views, from what it means to be working class at uni to debating the need for a beef ban on campus. Features - long-form journalism, including our investigative work, running stories from interviews with politicians and influential people to investigations uncovering the mistreatment of LSE's cleaners.Flipside is The Beaver's magazine section. Its parts include: Part B - our showcase for arts and culture. Poetry, prose, photography, art - it all goes here. Social - the witty side of Flipside, with satire, lifestyle pieces, and columns about sex. Review - the place to go for hearing about the best albums to listen to, to the best films to watch, to the best dating apps to try. Sport - the section to prove that athletes are literate.We also create a variety of podcasts under the name of Beaver Sounds, from showcasing LSE events in 'LSE Limelight', to 'Guftagu' which highlights South Asian issues in collaboration with LSESU's Pakistan Society.This coming year, the Beaver is expanding its digital presence through video content and animation. We’re looking to build a team of presenters, producers and editors, regardless of previous experience.