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Since being voted UCL’s Best New Society in 2013/14, UCL Bhangra Society is now in its 5th exciting year. For those interested in learning Bhangra, we hold classes taught by our own members and alumni, where you can learn new routines every week. The majority of our members had never done Bhangra before joining, so we are confident that our classes are accessible to students of all abilities.We also hold many events during the year which you can look forward to outside of classes. We host regular social events, with opportunities to sample authentic Punjabi cuisine, attend social Bhangra events, watch live Bhangra performances amongst other activities.In 2018, our Bhangra team represented UCL at Capital Bhangra, a major university Bhangra competition, and in 2017, UCL Bhangra in collaboration with City University won this competition. Usually, we look forward to annually representing UCL at TBS (The Bhangra Showdown) which was held at Birmingham last year. However, due to the current situation, it's unclear whether the competition will be taking place this year. Nevertheless, we look forward to teaching and training our freshers as usual, ready to take the next competition by a storm!Here's a link to our performance at TBS 2020!UCL Bhangra also collaborates with other societies to perform at university shows. Last year UCL Bhangra performed at the Exhibition Production led by UCL Dance Society in the Shaw Theatre, as well as Rangeela with UCL Hindu Society in the Adelphi Theatre!This coming year, we look forward to once again hosting a Lift Bhangra open class to raise money and promote mental health awareness. All of us in the committee are strong advocates of the positive effects that dance can have on our mental health; we can't wait to host more events like this!This year, we understand that things will be different to other years, however, we are excited to meet you all and start interacting very shortly! We are working behind the scenes to ensure that you will get the most out of the society both virtually and face-to-face.Above all, we, at Bhangra Society, are a family and we welcome everyone who would like to participate!UCLU Bhangra Society have signed the Zero Tolerance to Sexual Harassment Pledge.