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King's College London (KCL)


 Navigating contemporary science, social stigma, and healthy academia. One babble at a time*     BioBabble is an intersection point for a series of unconventional conversations within the broad realms of science which were once considered irrelevant "babbling"     Conducted through podcasts and live panels, the conversations will mostly focus on but is not limited to:   -  scientific research (specifically socially sensitive) and breaking it down for a more digestible approach  - implications of  SSR and how it relates to the  current social climate whilst providing commentary from a variety of students  - Inclusivity and Diversity in Academia  - cross faculty collaborations to discuss unconventional career options for science students with broader interests     Our conversations will also be a driving factor for our socials and activities relating to outreach and guidance for the students.     If you want to get involved, feature in our podcast, or just give us an idea please feel free to contact us!