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Namaste! Welcome to Birmingham Hindu Society! We are a driven, dynamic and entirely student-led faith society, affiliated with the National Hindu Students Forum (NHSF) as one of 45 Hindu societies across the country. We are an active student society providing many opportunities for our members to enjoy throughout the year to learn more about the wonderfully rich religion of Hinduism whilst providing a great social interaction with other university students. These include our weekly Aarti with interesting discussion, Garba, Sewa (selfless service), Diwali celebrations, Holi festivities, socials … and so much more! We also offer weekly sports as well as representing our society at NHSF UK national and regional events which is a fantastic way to keep fit and make new friends. Our actions preserve, promote and practice Hindu “Dharma” (duty) and its values, whilst providing a “home away from home” for students of all backgrounds and faiths. Membership is only £3 for the whole year! Get yours today. Members will receive discounted tickets for Hindu Society events throughout the year, so encourage your friends to join too! It’s going to be an unforgettable year!








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