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Queen Mary, University Of London (QMUL)


Welcome to the Barts and the London Gastroenterology Society website, commonly known as BL Gastro Soc! We are a team of budding gastroenterologists hoping to share our enthusiasm and love of the subject with our peers!BL Gastro Soc is one of the newer societies at Barts, but we are a rapidly growing society offering something for everyone who enjoys gastroenterology or just wants to learn a bit about this diverse subject.From the oesophagus to the colon and everything in between, we shall deliver and organise numerous talks presented by well-renowned members of the field and our own members! Our aim is to supplement your lectures whilst providing a varied and possibly novel approach to teaching and learning. We will, also, have workshops, collaborations with other societies and many opportunities to present areas of gastroenterology which you find interesting.We look forward to welcoming you to our community and cannot wait for you to get a taste of all the amazing events we have planned for the upcoming year. Make sure to come say hello at the BL Freshers’ Fayre in September and learn more about how you can join our society.Meet our committee:President - Advait Upadhyaya (he/him)Vice-President - Afrida Haque (she/her)Treasurer - Varvara Evgeniou (she/her)Secretary - Rajan Chad (he/him)Clinical Rep - Muhammad Anjum (he/him)Pre-clinical rep - Oluwawunmi Catherine Oluokun (she/her)Publicity Officer - Ashweta Josan (she/her)Events manager - Bishoy Yassa (he/him)Welfare Officer - Oluwawunmi Catherine Oluokun (she/her)   
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