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Welcome to the University of Bradford Trampolining Club (Bradford Roos)!

University Of Bradford


From somersault to seat drop, our friendly coaches Mike & Liv will teach you everything you need to know about trampolining. Trampolining is a great place to meet new people, have fun and learn new and exciting skills. As a club we are open to all levels of experience. Whether you want to improve fitness, learn new skills or to show off to your friends whilst having a bounce, we'll be able to suit your needs. Want to show off? We are hoping to attend several trampolining competitions throughout the year. The opportunity will be offered to everyone, though of course there is no pressure to compete. We will encourage each member to try new skills as taught by our coaches, but we will not force you out of your comfort zone. Though we are not a team sport, we pride ourselves on making all members feel welcome and supported. Our amazing coaches will work out where you are up to in your ability and will work out the best ways to help you improve at your pace.