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Logo of Bristol East African Society

Bristol East African Society

University Of Bristol

Aiming to create a 'home away from home'​ for East Africans in the University, where they can share and cherish diversit


The University of Bristol East African society aims to build a community among East Africans in Bristol and share its incredible culture that can be celebrated by everyone. We strive to be a home away from home for all incoming East African students as we all know the nervous excitement of leaving home for the first time. We hold a variety of events all year long to include students from all years in our active community. These consist of game nights, dinners, fashion presentations, and cultural events. We closely cooperate with the Black Students' Network to arrange events like Black History Month, and on occasion, we partner with other organizations to encourage diversity and connection with different cultures. University of Bristol EASoc welcomes anyone with past, present or future ties to the beautiful region of East Africa. That could be you!