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We are KCL British Sign Language (BSL) Society. We are a society who aims to raise awareness of Deaf culture and British Sign Language and build relationships between the KCL Student Body and the wider London Deaf community. Our awareness talks are at the core of what we do and involve external speakers from a range of different careers and backgrounds talking (usually in BSL) about their experiences as D/deaf or hard of hearing individuals. As part of the various Liberation History Festivals (eg Black History Month, LGBT History Month) we aim to organise lectures exploring the intersectionality of being Deaf and a member of another minority group. All lectures are fully interpreted between BSL and spoken English.  We additionally run 'Introduction to BSL' courses that allow beginners to learn some basic conversational British Sign Language. The course consists of online lessons, as well as weekly group practice sessions over the course of 8 weeks led by more experienced KCL students.  This year we are also creating a new London Deaf Pub! This is ideal for any D/deaf or hard of hearing students, or for anyone who already has some signing skill, who would like to meet members of the wider London Deaf community. We look forward to meeting you all this year! Please get in touch for more info :) 
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