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Logo of Cambridge Blockchain society

Cambridge Blockchain society

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Fostering the Cambridge Blockchain ecosystem


Here at CBS, we explore the techincal, educational and legal aspects of Blockchain (& crypto), its applications, and its importance in the future of Tech, Finance (through DeFi), Law and Business. Blockchain is the technology behind Bitcoin, Ethereum and many other cryptocurrencies. But its potential applications are so much more than that: from the rapidly growing DeFi sector to transforming industry through various Business and Tech applications. Our mission is to foster the Cambridge Blockchain Ecosystem by maintaining a distributed network for enthusiastic students, academics, investors and industrial partners. What we offer: Hackathons for engaging students in Blockchain development (Brand new Varsity Competition this year). Talks and events from our industrial partners on the relevance of Blockchain applications. Our vast network of startups, VCs and sponsors is fully accessible for members through the Society. Career opportunities through our sponsors and partners. Our sponsors and partners range from Blockchain educational providers, startups, VCs, crypto trading firms and Tech giants.