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Imperial College London (ICL)


Do you want to boldly go where no man or woman has gone before? No, this is not sci-fi soc, this is real. Enjoy the thrill of abseiling down large pitches, witnessing underground waterfalls and delving into a whole new world of exploration and adventure.We visit the best caves in the UK but also Sardinia, Slovenia, France and New-Zealand just to name a few. You'll never get closer to the explorer's thrill than when you tread paths untrodden through the mountain hosting Slovenia's largest cave system during our Summer Expedition. Our weekend trips are fun and safe, social and rewarding. You don't need any prior experience or equipment. We host weekly training sessions in Prince's Gardens during the first term. Our fortnightly trips during term time are a great way to practice your newly honed skills, fuel your sub-terrestrial addiction and to escape the monotony of everyday life. With ICCC you will also have the opportunity to socialise with caving clubs from Universities all over the UK and make friends that could see you caving almost anywhere in the world. Even when we're not caving we're a very socially active club with a weekly meet at the Union and numerous other events each term. So why not come to one of our many social events if you have any questions?