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Hello from ChemEngSoc! Our aim is to provide all of our students with the best university experience by offering awesome social events, continuous wellbeing and academic support, and unparalleled access to industry throughout your time in the department. Members from other departments with an interest in ChemEng are welcome too! We organise social events throughout the year catering to all interests. Whether you want to go to laser tag with your friends, attend the long-running ChemEng Talent Show, or enjoy one of our new Wine & Cheese nights, you can always find something to do with ChemEngSoc! Finally, don’t forget the annual (FREE) Welcome Dinner for all new members. These are perfect opportunities to meet new people from the course and make lasting memories! As a member, you will have access to a huge range of careers and academic events to help you transfer into your dream career. Whether it’s chemicals or consulting (or something in between!) we’ve got it covered with uniquely tailored sessions. We offer workshops, mock interviews, networking sessions, and invitations to presentations from international experts – all completely free to members in all years. Our comprehensive alumni network is also available to help through our dedicated networking events. You can be confident that your interests drive everything we do as a Soc. We always want to hear from our members, so get in touch at chemengsoc@imperial.ac.uk if you’ve got feedback or ideas. See you at an event soon!
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