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Cineaste Society

King's College London (KCL)


Cineaste Society aims to cultivate a collective of cinephiles that are passionate about the debate and discussion that arises from cinema. We believe that cinema should be taken as a serious social study, and the group aims to introduce the most controversial and relevant debates that films, mostly outside of the mainstream, offer to wider society. Our interest lies in the essential debate around cinema that we feel is under threat of stagnation. Some of the topics we will be looking at, include (but are not limited to):     Sexuality, violence, race, politics, collective guilt, feminism, authenticity, warfare, drugs and psychedelia, etc.   The group appeals to a wide range of students, not just in the Arts department, but those interested in current affairs, sociology, history and politics. The films we shall focus on are truly ground-breaking works, those that challenge existing boundaries and that ask new and relevant questions.2020/2021 Committee:President - Alfie WoodheadHead of Marketing/Treasurer - Kim BattmerHead of Communications - Erica MarinHead of Events/Wellbeing Officer - Helen Kursten-HolmesSign up to our newsletter here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSc5qIHulQduc2sycqaH0m79RWdVBhQk3n6I9W-OrQdyDLe-VQ/viewform