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Logo of City Charity Club

City Charity Club

City, University Of London


Welcome to the City Charity Club, where we believe it’s cool to be kind! This society, which used to be the City takes on cancer society, was reformed, in order to create a space where we can work with different charities and for various causes throughout. Our aim is to collaborate with other societies and liberation officers, in order to raise funds for multiple causes and host intersectional events :)Our membership is only £1 and we can all spare a few coins for charity! We know that City is a place full of good-hearted, kind and charitable people and that is why we want you to join our club!  What you can expect when you join: → a space to connect with like-minded people who want to do good  → the chance to improve people’s lives by donating your time and/either a few £→ fun and exciting social events & fundraisers → learn about social issues + how you can help