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City Check Mate Society

City, University Of London


We believe chess teaches a robust strategic mindset that is useful in business, finance, law, academia – and virtually all parts of life. Research shows that chess has an unique ability to develop and improve skills in problem solving, creativity, logical reasoning, critical thinking, concentration, awareness, systems thinking, patience and sportsmanship. This is a beautiful game - played for thousands of years! Chess is fun, exciting, thrilling - but also, social. In our weekly Chess Gatherings, we focus both on practicing and training each other, but we also focus on having a good hang-out. We serve snacks, drinks and play some relaxing lounge music in the background. Here is the place to enjoy a friendly chit-chat with your friend, while improving your skills! Check Mate Society is more than yet another chess club. We host interesting Special Events every month where we do something out-of-the-box (Distraction Chess, Cshes Chess, and a field trip to the London Chess Classic to watch the World Champion Grandmasters compete, are among such Special Events). All this leads up to our largest event - the Annual Checkmate. This event is held in March, every year. It is a Grand Chess Tournament (with players from other universities also competing), and a celebration of Higher Education, Higher Learning and Smart thinking. Don't stress - even if you're not good at chess, we advise you to join the tournament. This is a perfect place to get some tournament experience. The Winner of the Annual Checkmate becomes the Checkmate Master of that year. The Society is perfectly open to anyone - whether you are a complete beginner, or a chess expert. Beginners get introductory and beginner lessons by our coaches, to ensure that they are introduced to the beautiful game in a friendly and nice manner. And for the experts, well, pawn to E4!Join us today!https://www.facebook.com/CityCheckMateSociety/https://www.instagram.com/checkmate_society/