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Welcome to CivSoc, the Civil and Environmental Engineering departmental society! We are one of the most active departmental societies in the college, organising a wide variety of events throughout the year to cater for the diverse needs and interests of our students. It is through these social activities that we have developed a very cohesive student body, in which students help their peers and support each other. The annual International Tour is the highlight of CivSoc's calendar and gives students the chance to explore contemporary and traditional engineering practice outside the UK as well as sampling the social and cultural delights of some of Europe's best loved cities. Destinations in recent years have included Seville, Belgrade, Lisbon, Naples and Bucharest. Throughout the year, regular social events, pub-crawls and bar nights are complemented by the CivSoc Careers Fair, site visits and industry talks; the latter aided by our strong links with the civil engineering industry. The society's magazine, LIVIC, is published throughout the year.CivEng students are all automatically members of CivSoc, so check our website and facebook out, come to our amazing events and get involved!
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