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Climate Entrepreneurs Club

Imperial College London (ICL)

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The Climate Entrepreneurs Club aims to inspire and support students in exploring the climate entrepreneurship space. Throughout the year, we will be providing informative content related to topics and advances in the space as well as guided workshops targeted at those interested in taking the plunge and pursuing an idea. To do so, we have planned collabs with companies and start-ups who have sustainability and climate change awareness at their core, as well as other Imperial communities (Enterprise Lab, Advance Hackspace etc.) that can help give you the tools and confidence to kickstart your own journey. Members of the club are encouraged to support and motivate each other in taking on entrepreneurial initiatives that positively impact global society in any way, exercising skills related to technical innovative problem-solving and developing their business acumen. If any of this sounds interesting, join us using the links provided. We’d love to have you!
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