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Welcome to the University of Greenwich Computer and Technology Society page!The society is run by student volunteers at the University of Greenwich. We believe this society will give you the opportunity to find people who have the same interests or the same skills or the same passions as you. Meeting new people is the perfect way to start expanding your networking. Networking through society means that you have the chance to turn your hobby into a job. You can enjoy what you do and achieve career satisfaction with less hassle than necessary. Regular networking means you can get your name and face out there, and become memorable to the professionals, alumni, and faculty who attend networking events. We will arrange a lot of different sorts of events which will aid you to take your learning from the lecture hall into practical use. This could help your decision as to whether you actually want to enter into that sector of the working world or if maybe you just prefer learning about the subject but don’t feel it’s necessarily the path you want to head down work-wise. Not only that, we are planning to organize group competitions at least twice a year which will enable you to develop your critical thinking as well as your team-working skills.If you want to get involved or have any ideas please feel free to contact us on any of our social media platforms or speak to one of the committee members in person. We are always happy to speak to students and work with them to make sure that we run events that interest you! 
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