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Conservative Society

City, University Of London


Our society is NOT exclusively about British politics and we are NOT affliated with the conservative party.  It’s a great pleasure to introduce you City’s Conservative society, probably the most sociable society at City! What counts for us is to bring together great minds who want to exchange ideas, network and obviously have lots of fun together. We have members from countries all over the world and are interested in politics of all countries as well as global politics.As a member, we are putting you in touch with politicians, the media and organisations that will give you an insight in their work, where you can learn about politics from a practical perspective and see the contrast to your academic work. We will also have meetings with insights from our members who have experience in politics. As the most sociable society it is important for us that you get to know fellow students who have things in common with you. It’s a great opportunity to hear from influential politicians, engage in debates, and most importantly make some great friends.