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King's College London (KCL)


Launched three years ago, KCFA is King’s’ only society fully dedicated to the consulting and advisory sector. We have made it our mission to serve as a platform for ambitious students to learn about and to develop the skills required to excel in the industry. We are committed to equipping our members with the skills required to excel in careers in consulting and advisory, while connecting them with leading companies. Check us out on our social media for more information and stay up to date with our exciting events!Facebook: https://facebook.com/kingscfa/Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kings_consulting/  HOW TO SIGN UP:Both the 'Standard' and 'Associate' memberships are FREE this year. By becoming a member, you gain full access to our company events, case study sessions, socials and networking events. For KCL students, please purchase the 'Standard' membership link below. If you are not a KCL student, you must first be a student at University of London. Then you can purchase the 'Associate' membership. We are able to provide you with letter of recommendation upon request. 
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