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Who are we?We are an ambitious society offering practical legal Information and opportunities for experience within the corporate law sector. We aim to create a strong community within this demanding practice and help one another to advance in the corporate sphere. We also provide a wide range of resources to aid students in applications for insight programmes, internships and graduate schemes. We are passionate and dedicated to increasing corporate awareness, helping students from diverse and underrepresented communities gain access to this sector and understand more about its potential career paths and graduate prospects!Why should I join?Joining us will provide you with the facilities to help you break into the competitive corporate arena. You will gain an in depth understanding of its core practices, terms and definitions. Members are informed about important opportunities with leading firms in law, accounting, finance and consulting including top investment banks as these are the institutions that underpin the corporate law sector and forms part of its extensive client base. You will also have exclusive access to virtual events, newsletters, journals, meetings, guidance from successful corporate graduates and notifications for vacation schemes and training contracts at prominent UK/US law firms specialising in corporate law. As a member you will become familiar with the various industries in this sector such as fintech, real estate, white collar crime, capital markets, intellectual property, mergers and acquisitions (M&A), private equity, international law and many more. We also intend to host collaborative events with other societies to enhance your development and connections.If you would like to pursue a challenging city career in the country’s financial capital then this is the place to get started. We welcome students from all academic disciplines particularly those in law, finance, economics, maths, accounting, business, tech and politics. This is also a great platform for students contemplating a career change and would like to explore one within the legal and corporate sector. Membership feeAt this point in time we do not have a membership fee as we are focusing on accessibility and growth. Our social platformsJoin us to develop your experiences and network across the legal, financial and business sectors. We have a number of social media platforms that you can keep updated with us on:https://mobile.twitter.com/uwlclshttps://www.instagram.com/uwlcorporatelawsociety/https://youtube.com/channel/UC46lht1xf-TsgI_BnCEoAMA Please contact us via the email: uwlcls@outlook.com in order to join our WhatsApp group chat and connect with us. We can’t wait to welcome you to the team!
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