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* The Cypriot Society is all about sharing the culture of Cyprus and our inimitable way of having fun! With us you will gain new experiences and make new friends. The Cypriot Society has a very high turnover of members each year (over 150) because we organize a variety of special events. Cyprus is a country with rich history, unique culture and with the Mediterranean spirit lighting it all up! We aim to promote our culture by sharing our little Cypriot secrets... Join our traditional dance group for free and perform in the International Night, a showcase competition that we have been winning the first prize for the last three years in the row! Party with us at events organised by us or in collaboration with other London universities. Playing card games and backgammon at our annual event, Kafeneio, or participate in sports events. Refine yourselves with planned outings to theatres. And last, but not least, travel with us in Europe! In previous years we have visited other popular European destinations, such as Prague and Berlin... The Cypriot Society is a society which does it all! Hope to see you at any of the events we will be hosting all year round! Everyone is welcome!!