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What is the beauty of debating? The list is long but for the sake of maintaining your interest, here are the key points. To have your voice and opinions heard, to learn how to defend these views in front of people who might disagree with you, to take a peek at opposing views and to engage with arguments you never thought you would defend, that is the beauty of debating.Royal Holloway’s Debating Society offers you a chance to experience this beauty and nurtures student’s passion for engaging in discussion with each other. Whether you have experience or not, that doesn’t matter for we all have had to defend our opinions at some point in our lives. Our society offers a range of opportunities to allow you to do this - from our Monday Socratic Debates to our very own Varsity team which specialises in British Parliamentary debating (BP), our society promises you that there is something in it for all debaters - new and experienced, experimenting and seasoned.Along with our weekly open debates and varsity training sessions, we also plan on holding events with guest speakers, show debates and social events as well as attending varsity competitions available to varsity members. Whether we hold these events in person or online (depending on how the pandemic continues) we want to assure you that this is a society open to all students and we are excited to see you join us in the upcoming academic year to embrace the spirit of debate and enjoy it as much as we all do.We cannot wait to see what you bring to the society and how you will make it flourish.
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