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London Metropolitan University


We are delighted that you are showing interest in being a member and participants in one of democracies truest form: the constructive exchange of opinions in a civilised and structured debate. Everyone is welcome to join, from beginners to experts. True to our motto “Et omnes partes audiri” (lat. All parties will be heard) we will listen to and be heard by each other. Our Society is serving 4 aims, tailored for you! 1. Personal Development: Together we will provide and give you the opportunity to grow personally and academically in debating and addressing issues in an orderly and civilised manner and in building confidence and promote respect for different opinions and views. 2. Providing Platform of exchange Together we are united in providing each and every single member with a safe and respectful platform of interaction in common interest. In our society everyone is seen, heard,respected, and treated as equals. 3. Engagement in current world issues. We all aim to educate each other and create awareness about and around current issues in Society, Culture, Politics and Topics of individual interests. 4. Practice public speaking The Society aims as whole to build your confidence in argumentation, to practice public speaking and in supporting each other to become more confident in oneself and build relationships. When this sounds like you, then please do consider signing up. Our preliminary plan for the academic year 2021/2022 is to meet every 2nd Week for about 2 hours of debate, of which every 3rd Session will be a TED-Talk inspired session. More information will follow soon. Have a great summer and we cannot wait meeting you from September. __________________________________ Sincerely yours, Timo Holtappels [he/him] - President Angel Wiltshire [she/her] - Secretary Lo Ridgwell [she/they] - Treasurer
Public Speaking