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With around 80 members, the debating society of 2020/21 has started off well. A lot of members have told me that they like to share and hear other people's ideas on various issues. That being said, we have been able to move to a more professional debate styled (like BP style).How stuff works: Zoom meetings are held every Wednesday at 7pm.We vary on styles of debate - it usually depends on how many people we get. - Discussion style debates: The chair tallies who is for and who is against a particular quesiton, and then it's to the floor. Someone poses their argument, they have one minute to talk. Anyone can follow up and reubttle or add to their point. - British Parliamentary style: Usually with larger groups which are divided into two. The governmnet is for the motion, oppo against. Both groups have 15 minutes to plan their debates. After the timer is up, the leader of each group then presents their points in 5 minutes, and then it's to the floor for rebuttles. I'm not fussed on membership fees, here's the Whataspp groupchat link:https://chat.whatsapp.com/C6UcOIizKgt5h6Abo9O4HwCheersLouis