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Logo of Decolonise QMUL Society

Decolonise QMUL Society

Queen Mary, University Of London (QMUL)


Decolonise QMUL is a society aiming to unite marginalised groups of all kinds (be that by gender, ethnicity, religion, disability or sexuality). We create a safe space and sense of community for those who may feel alienated in everyday activities and improve every individuals’ experience to make Queen Mary a diverse and inclusive space both socially and academically. Research has shown that students belonging to said groups have lower attainment at QM (especially BME students). We are tackling the structural constraints at all levels within the university; from changes in the curriculum to include authors from more diverse backgrounds to pushing for the employment of staff from the BME community.By developing realistic goals, such as changes to the curriculum and teaching styles, our student body will be able to turn small changes into big changes with your support.
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