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This year our career events have been tailored to serve a wide range of interests and aspirations of our members and students here at the University of Derby. Throughout the year, we will host many diverse career-related workshops, panel discussions, and engaging activities to guide and support your professional journey as well as your studies. A sneak peek to what has been planned, from application support to employability workshops, LinkedIn guidance to discussions about LPC vs SQE, support and sessions on the Bar Practice course, and many more. Additionally, our Law Fair at One Friar Gate Square gives our members and students a networking opportunity with legal professionals and is designed to guide and support you when you are making choices throughout your journey of studying and in life. We have also placed a strong emphasis on mooting, a brilliant opportunity for you to improve your advocacy and negotiation skills and show your knowledge and understanding. We are committed to creating these opportunities professionally enriching alongside creating a welcoming environment where everyone can thrive and have fun, whilst understanding the significance and impact of mooting Moreover, our social events have been tailored to be accessible, enjoyable, and inclusive for all whether you are drinking or not. Firstly, and foremost our major social event is our prestigious Annual Law Ball. But that is not all – we are considering activities such as laser tag, bowling, mini golf, paintballing, and many more ensuring that there is something for everyone. To celebrate our student’s successes over the academic year, we are even considering a trip to Alton Towers. We are super excited to meet and welcome you all whether you are new students or returning students, whether you are interested in Law seeking to network or enhance your legal understanding, or just simply want to have a blast, we promise a year full of opportunities, growth and unforgettable memories and experiences. See you soon!


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