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LSE’s only society focused solely on the developing world, hosting events on a regular basis. Founded on the principles of inclusion and open discussion on all global matters, the LSE Developing Markets society aims to provide a platform where students can gain an international perspective on developing economic markets and further their understanding of the intricacies of these markets and the issues they face.LSESU Developing Markets Society aims to differentiate itself through the focus on these three objectives:Education:Expand members’ knowledge of developing economies all over the world through events, and build their ability to critically analyse and compare these markets from an economic perspective.Research Output:Produce a website and newsletter that allows interested members to apply what they learn through researching and writing about developing markets, and share their views with fellow students.Professional DevelopmentConnect students with industry professionals working in or with developing markets to enhance their understanding of these economies and build transferable skills for their future careers. MembershipThe cheapest membership fee of all LSESU Societies. In just a one-time payment of £2 you get access to: Access to all our bi-weekly panel discussions & public debates Access to our weekly newsletter Bi-weekly research articles on developing markets Weekly news updates on developing markets Events and Activities Panel Discussions: Hosting interview panels with multiple speakers who have diverse expertise in different developing markets, to share various perspectives on how these markets are developing and their respective future outlooks. Keynote Speakers: Bringing in leading professionals to deliver individual talks explaining, in detail, their work in developing markets and their career paths. Public Debates: Conducting debates on topics regarding developing markets. Research: Producing our own research on the latest developments in developing markets as well publishing independent research on our website.Contact UsWant to know more? Have a quick chat with us on our social channels below.
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