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DJ and Music Production  A community of Brunel's current and alumni DJs & Music Producers spanning all genres of music.   The primary aim for the Brunel DJ Society is to bring together new, bygone and current talent from Brunel into one big platform where everyone can share ideas, style and music genre. As a group, we wish to provide students who may have just started DJ’ing the opportunity to learn and experience how to DJ in different environments. There is no limit on age, previous experience or favoured music genre, just the ability to make new friends, have a good time and to show off your talent.  All of us have performed at various house parties, private sessions and clubs across the local area and we all have our own different style of performances and this allows us to share our experience that we have gained from these events .As a starting block, we would like to work with the union clubs and venues, to provide the talent and introduce them into a new hobby or even a potential career path. Some of us currently and have formerly worked for the union in either Academy or Locos, and thus have the vital contacts to build our foundation for these new and current DJs coming to Brunel.   
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