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King's College London (KCL)


 Welcome to theDoctor Who Society The official King's College London society dedicated to the amazing world of Doctor Who!  We hold screenings, socials and other 'Who' related events. Our members range from casual fans to veteran 'Whovians', and we watch a mixture of New and Classic series, including any stories which are currently airing.We look forward to welcoming new members! Come and visit us at the Freshers' Fair, held at the beginning of each year. Whether you've been watching the show since 1963 or have never heard of it but would like to dive in, sign up now and join us at our screenings!  Come and check us out by either (hopefully both):Following us on social media, by joining our Facebook Group or visiting our Instagram page (@kcldoctorwho). All relevant infomation and any planned events will be detailed there! Signing up as an official member via KCLSU. It's completely free! Even if you're not currently a student at KCL, you can still join by requesting the Assosciate Membership instead.  
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