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KCL Doctors Do Mind is an exciting new society, aimed at offering support to students going into high-pressure, healthcare-related careers.Through events and workshops across the year, we will provide education on the realities of being a doctor. We will cover a range of topics, including burnout, professional contributions, and student mental health. We will also offer advice around the professional aspects of a career in medicine (breaking down payslips, professional contributions, and responsibilities, medical defence insurance). Our events this year will involve speakers from a variety of backgrounds and professions, tackling topics such as managing stress and leading discussions on how to avoid professional burnout. We aim to deliver content through a healthcare lens that can be generalised to the wider student body, offering useful tips for anyone in a high-stakes and rewarding career. Our focus on mental health and well-being will translate to our workshops, which will be delivered with considerable care. As well as equipping you with skills to overcome the harsh realities of working life, we offer a sense of community and the opportunity to make friends and professional contacts alike. This year our membership is free - we highly recommend purchase; to ensure your access to workshop tickets, resources on payslips and mental health, and access to our speaker-led events (where we will almost always provide refreshments!). Thank you for reading our listing; we hope we can rely on your support as we aim to take Doctors Do Mind to new heights!
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