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Durham Politics and International Relations

Durham Politics and International Relations

Durham University

For Students interested in politics and international affairs!

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The Durham University Politics and International Relations Society is for those interested in politics and international affairs, and in particular for those studying the subjects at the university. Through a variety of guest speakers and a variety of other events, students can broaden and deepen their knowledge of political systems, public policy, current issues and international affairs, regardless of whether their interest is academic or popular. Our aim is to provide an arena for discussion of topical political issues as well as an important source of information through guest speakers. We want to put more emphasis on internships and job opportunities for SGIA students and will seek to provide important links and opportunities for those hoping to work in this industry. We want to engage as many students as possible, including those from other departments, in important political and international issues and fuel dialogue about current affairs. We also want a balance between academia and social events, to benefit both their education and encourage inter-college and departmental friendships.



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