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The East African Society is a vibrant family of international students from the Eastern region of Africa: Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, Ethiopia, Somalia, South Sudan, and North Sudan. We aim to create first and foremost, a key reference point for students in adjusting to the relatively different lifestyle and culture at the University of Kent by creating a home away from home. As a society, we have had a breadth of experience doing different activities. In the past, we have supported the First Lady of Kenya in her charity marathon by raising both awareness and financial donations towards her cause. Additionally, we have participated in leadership talks and debates in conjunction with other University of Kent societies. We highly encourage our members to be involved whilst at the University of Kent, and pro-actively participate be it with their respective degree societies or other leisure activities offered. Our society does not limit itself to just the University of Kent, but aims to builds networks with other East African societies across the United Kingdom, as well as connecting with around our East African region (i.e. Beyond Zero Campaign). These networks help to shape our society to be more than just a social group, but also serve as a connector for students all over the United Kingdom. Members grow to be more than just fellow East Africans, but connections and friends that encourage and support each other in more than one aspect of University and personal life. There develops an informal mentoring system, as well as close friendships that aid in making their time at the University of Kent and beyond as meaningful as possible.



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