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London School Of Economics And Political Science (LSE)


Welcome to LSE's home of environmental activism! EcoSoc campains on a range of environmental issues and holds regular screenings, panels, and socials. We are looking to get you to use less plastic and fight for a more sustainable LSE environment & future planet!EcoSoc's aim is to incentivise individuals and organisations to become more sustainable in their everyday life and care for their environment, through a series of interactive, fun, and educational activities.By organising debates about sustainability, reforestations, beach cleanings, vegan cooking challenges, conferences centralised on the environment, eco-career events, and many more, we are is familiarising our members with the benefits of having a sustainable approach to life whilst providing them with the equipage they need to make this change. Membership Give it a Go Membership: A free one-off trial that allows you to visit one of our events. Standard Membership: A £1,50 worth membership that will give you access to all of our events throughout the year. Events and Activities 20/21Michaelmas TermTogether with our buddy scheme, our fundraising initiative to help the british homeless, and our social media eco-series, we had the following one-off events: Give It A Go Zoom Social Outdoor Park Social Two-Day Everyday Sustainability Workshop Vegan Cooking Challenge Visit to the Garden Museum Documentary/Movie Marathon and Discussion  Conference about the UN, Youth, and Climate Change Natural Materials Painting Workshop Panel Talk: Environmental Justice: What Do Minorities Have To Say? Panel Talk: 'Scaling Sustainability' in Consumer Fashion  End of Term Virtual Pub Quiz.
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