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We are EEESoc, the University of Nottingham's Electrical and Electronic Engineering Society

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What is EEESoc? EEESoc is a society that caters to students that study in the Electrical and Electronic Engineering (EEE) Department, or to any students that are interested in what we do. Our aim is to help our members broaden their understanding of their possible career in EEE by organising and hosting careers events, trips, and socials. We also aim to create provide networking opportunities within and out of the department. We know that there's a lot of work involved with an engineering degree, so our society provides opportunities for members to unwind and meet new people on their course through socials and sports. What do we do? Socials: We have a wide range of potential socials we would like to organise. These include Pizza & Film Nights, bowling, and inter-societal BBQs. We will also be haivng pub quizzes, bar crawls and regular OCEAN socials. Sports: EEESoc will be having IMS teams in order to play football as well as various other sports. Careers events: We provide information about any upcoming careers events hosted in the Engineering Faculty. Trips: We organise visits to local engineering firms for you to gain a better feel of the workplace. How to find out more Visit our instagram @eeesociety or our facebook @eeesocNotts (links to both in "Contact" section of this page) to see what we've been up to recently, and feel free to pop us a message on either page if you've got any questions!
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